Employment of a Foreigner

Created on: 01.02.2020

The most common mistakes made when submitting applications for a foreigner's work permit are the following:

  • failure to mark point 5.3 of the application (point 6.3 of the application for the extension of the permit) regarding the punishment of a foreigner. Please tick the appropriate box, one of two;
  • incomplete or complete omission of the relevant spaces in a form regarding the criminal record of the employer (Annex No. 15). The statement has six points, but eight answers, there should be as many ticks left by the employer;
  • signature of the above mentioned attachment by Attorney-in-fact. This declaration can only be made by the employer. In the case of companies, the statement is signed by persons authorized to represent listed in the National Court Register (KRS), and civil partnerships - all partners;
  • failure to provide the foreigner's address of work in the application;
  • failure to attach to the application submitted by a natural person a valid ID card or travel document;
  • attaching one page of a copy of the foreigner's passport - copies of all completed pages are required;
  • failure to submit the original of power of attorney.