Created on: 14.02.2020

If you submitted the request for the periodic stay that did not include any formal deficiencies and the document that is the basis of the stay on the territory of Poland expired, then your stay in Poland is legal and you can get a stamp for your passport. Governor does not issue any visas for the time of the proceeding.

Created on: 14.02.2020

In the moment of your request submission, you will receive a password and a login for an online application, in which you can track the progression of your case and where you can check, whether the decision on the extension of the visa has been delivered and whether it is ready. On the website, you are going to find the information on the place of the visa pick-up. At the same time, we will send the decision on your visa extension to the address given by you in your request. In this decision, we will inform you, if your visa was extended or not.

Created on: 14.02.2020

Yes, Governor can extend the visa Schengen, also the visa which is extended by another country than Poland from the Schengen-Zone.

Created on: 14.02.2020

Period of the stay based on the extended visa cannot exceed the maximum period defined for the described kind of visa:

  • 365 days – national visa (the exception exists for visa symbolized as D/-5, where the maximum period of the stay based on this visa equals 180 days in the succeeding 12 months);
  • 90 days of the stay during the 180-day stay – the Schengen visa.
Created on: 14.02.2020

Governor can extend the visa in extraordinary circumstances, the national as well as the Schengen visa. You need to remember that the visa should be extended just once (the exception exists only in the situation when the foreigner is staying in the hospital.

Created on: 14.02.2020

The extension of the visa is possible only if during the stay in Poland circumstances occur such that you could not possibly forecast them in the time of submitting for the visa to the consul (count in-hospital stay, humanitarian, personal or professional reason that makes your leave from Poland impossible). Submit your request to extend the visa to the Governor right to your place of the stay, basing on the visa that you want to extend at the latest on the last day of your legal stay in Poland.


Created on: 12.02.2020

The decision regarding granting the permit should be issued within 90 days. This period is counted from the day of submitting the application  along with all necessary documents for confirming the regarding this type of permit. If the application is not accompanied by the above mentioned documents, the 90 days period is postponed until submitting all necessary documents.

Registration of stay of the EU Citizen

Created on: 15.02.2020

If you are a EU citizen and you study in Poland you should submit application for registration of the residence of the EU citizen

In the application form you should choose study as your purpose of stay in Poland. Below you will find a list of documents that you should submit together with the application:

  • Current certificate from university (public/non-public) presented on the up-to-date form (please find the example in the attachment) or proof of undertaking vocational training 
  • Proof of having health insurance or the entitlements to use Healthcare on the basis of the regulations on coordination of social security systems or confirmation of private health insurance that will cover all medical expenses in Poland including hospital treatment. Such certificate  should include the insurer’s commitment to pay the costs of health care services  directly to the benefit of the health care services’ provider on the basis of a bill issued by the provider
  • A written statement regarding having financial resources sufficient to  support yourself and your family members, so that you are not a weight for the social security system.
Created on: 15.02.2020

If you live in Poland and you registered your stay in Poland, your spouse should submit application for a residence card for the family member of an EU citizen.

Created on: 15.02.2020

No. EU citizens have free labour market access. It means that you can work in Poland on the same basis as Polish citizens.