I am a spouse of a Polish citizen

When should I apply?

You should apply for a temporary residence permit if you wish to stay in Poland for a period exceeding 3 months and you remain in a marriage recognized by Polish law with a citizen of the Republic of Poland.

You should apply for a residence permit in person before your current legal status expires (i.e. before your visa or residence card expires).

If you apply to extend your stay in Poland before the expiry date of your legal status, you can legally remain in Poland while your application is pending. Make sure you have submitted an error-free application. Your passport must be valid at this time.

Before you apply, read our tips on how to fill in an application form.

Where should I apply?

You may apply in person at the Department for Foreigners in Poznań or one of the office's delegations: Book your visit

If you cannot apply in person before your current legal status expires, please send your application by post to meet the deadline.

What counts is the date of postage at the post office.

If you apply by post, your next step is to visit the office in person to give your fingerprints.

During your visit, you may also file other documents that are required to get a stamp in your passport.

Learn how to give your fingerprints

What documents do I need? 

Documents required to obtain a stamp in your passport (i.e. formal requirements)

  • Application completed in accordance with the instructions in 1 copy (application to be downloaded). You can receive a copy of your application form in our offices,
  • photographs, 
  • A photocopy of a valid travel document (the original for inspection), in a particularly justified case, when you do not have a valid travel document and cannot obtain one, you may present another document confirming your identity.

To start the proceedings will also be needed confirmation that you have paid the stamp duty.


Documents required to be granted the permit:

All documents are submitted in original / certified copy.

What should I know?

Read our guide

During the procedure we must check whether the marriage has not been entered into in order to circumvent the provisions related to granting the residence permit for a fixed period. You may be invited to an interview. In case if we need to clarify the evidence we have in the case, you may be asked to provide other documents or to testify confirming the circumstances that you indicated in the application and the circumstances regarding the purpose of marriage.

This permit entitles the spouse of a Polish citizen to perform work without any need of any additional work permit. Information on the possibility of taking up employment without a separate work permit can be found in the instructions on the decision to grant a temporary residence permit. The annotation "access to the labour market" is placed in the residence card issued in relation to this kind of residence permit.

I have received my decison - how to get my residence card now?

The residence card is issued after you have received your decision with your permit.

Read more:  How to receive a residence card?

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