The CEIDG is a central national register of enterprisers and traders who are natural persons (i.e. self-employed persons, civil partnership enterprises). In the registry you can check the following information, e.g. an actual business activity status, a registered office address, the owner of the company, the profile of the business activity etc. The information from the register you can check at the CEIDG website.

It is a document issued by the office on your request to confirm facts or legal status resulting from the case conducted in this office, e.g. confirmation of the application, confirmation of the legal stay of the person who is applying for the legalization of stay. The certificate is issued upon a written your request and is free of charge if it confirms the circumstances of the ongoing proceedings.

The application for a certificate should be sent by mail to the Office / delivered to the  Department for Foreigners or sent by e-puap.

If the application for a certificate relates to a case that is not currently being processed by the office, the fee for issuing such a certificate is PLN 17.

Details on fees and payment details.

It is a document issued by the university at which you are studying. It is required to be presented on a specific form (check the form here), signed by the authorized person only. It confirms that you are a student, what you are studying, in which language your education is conducted, what results you are achieving.

If you plan to come to Poland to work in seasonal work, your employer applies for a seasonal work permit at the local labour office (PUP) competent for their registered office or place of residence (the registered office concerns a legal person, e.g. an enterprise, and the place of residence natural person).
In the application, your employer specifies, among others: proposed remuneration, working hours or number of working hours per week or month, type of contract being the basis for your the work and period of validity of the permit.

The Head of the local labour office (Starosta) verifies the application and enters it in the register of applications for seasonal work or refuses to issue the seasonal work permit. Entry in the register takes place within 7 working days from the date of submission of a complete application unless an explanatory procedure is conducted. In such a case, the entry takes place within 30 days. Entering the application in the register, the Head of the local labour office (Starosta) issues the entity entrusting the performance of work with a foreigner a certificate of entry of the application in the register of applications for seasonal work.
Then, your employer will provide you with this certificate confirming that your application for a seasonal work permit has been entered into the register of applications for seasonal work. This certificate you will present when applying for a visa for seasonal work or when entering Poland in the visa-free scheme, it works as a confirmation of the purpose of entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland.

It is a document confirming the registration of the EU citizen's stay in Poland. It is valid for an indefinite time.

Document confirming the submission of the application, entitling, together with a valid travel document, to cross borders multiple times without the need to obtain a visa.

It is issued to a UK national and a family member of a UK national who:

1) by 31/12/2021, submitted an application for a new certificate of registration of residence, a new residence card, a new document confirming the right of permanent residence or a new permanent residence card,

2) by December 31, 2021, submitted an application for registration of residence or issuance of a residence card, a document confirming the right of permanent residence or a permanent residence card

3) by 31/12/2020, he submitted an application for registration of stay certifcate or  a residence card of a family member of an EU citizen, a document confirming the right of permanent residence or a permanent residence card of a family member of an EU citizen, if the proceedings have not been completed by 31 December 2020 r.

If the procedure for issuing a registration of stay certificate  / residence card of a family member of a UK national / document confirming the right of permanent residence / permanent residence card of a family member of a UK national is not completed before the expiry of the certificate validity period, the voivode conducting the procedure will issue another certificate valid for one year.

The certificate should be returned no later than on the day of receipt of the registration of stay certifcate  / residence card of a family member of a UK national / document confirming the right of permanent residence / permanent residence card of a family member of a UK national.

Certificate template:


A translation carried out by a sworn translator. 

A national register of sworn translators and interpreters can be accessed here:

It is a local government; a legislative and decision-making body located in the city/village, where you live. Here you can register your place of residence.

It is a type contract between an employer and an employee which is regulated by the Civil Code. The most civil law contracts are contracts of mandate and project delivery contracts.

It is a document that confirms your relationship with a person, e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. In Poland, these documents are issued by a registry office. If the document has been issued outside of Poland, you have to submit a certified translation.

It is the authority competent for issuing birth, marriage, death certificates. At the office, you can also register foreign civil-status records, change your first name and last name, get married, acknowledge a child.

Legal regulations that define the law and rules of applications examination in following cases: stay legalisation, work and stay legalisation, acting by proxy (appointing a representative), delivering correspondence, an appeal, a reminder, a complaint.

It is an official form of expressing your objection to a provision, e.g. to return your application or to suspend the proceedings. You have 7 days from the date of receipt of your decision to lodge your complaint. You submit your complaint in writing with your signature. If your complaint is lodged within the 7 days’ time limit, the execution of the decision will be suspended.

It is required when applying for a residence permit for a long-term resident of the EU or a recognition as a Polish citizen. You meet this requirement if:

  • you have a state certificate of knowledge of Polish at least at level B1; the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish issues this certificate;
  • you studied in Poland with the Polish language as a language of instruction, and you have a diploma that confirms it;
  • you studied abroad with the Polish language as a language of instruction - you have a degree that proves it.

A document issued by your local council office where you have reported your place of residence during your stay in Poland. The document should contain information about your address, personal data (your name, last name, date of birth, PESEL number if you have it) and duration of registration. You will also need written approval of your landlord, together with the confirmation of the legal title to the property, when applying for the confirmation of the registered address.

Continuous residence means that you’ve been in Poland for at least 6 months in any 12 month period. The exceptions are:

  • one period of up to 12 months for an important reason (for example, childbirth, serious illness, study, vocational training or an overseas work posting)
  • compulsory military service of any length.

If you are presumed to have disrupted the continuity of your 5 years' residence we will ask you to submit evidence to establish that you did not disrupt the continuity of your residence, depending on the lenght and nature of your absence. You may overcome the presumption of a break in the continuity of residence by providing credible evidence.