It is an income (e.g. your salary) in a minimum law regulated amount. 

  • If you live in Poland on your own, the minimum amount total of 776PLN net monthly. 
  • If you live in Poland together in a household with your family members who are your dependents, you are obliged to have financial means in the amount of at least 600PLN net monthly for yourself and each family member separately.

As a general rule, the procedure of the legalization of stay is initiated on the day when you apply. If your application is free from formal defects or if you supplement these defects, you will receive information about the initiation of the proceedings and about the estimated date for the examination of your case.

It means that your application will not be considered. One of the circumstances specified in legal regulations occurred, which makes it impossible to initiate proceedings, e.g. if you are not entitled to submit your application. Initiation of proceedings denied is issued in the form of provision with detail explanation of the reason why your application will not be considered. Remember that you have the right to file a complaint against the provision within 7 days of the delivery of the provision. 

It is a document confirming that you are insured with the National Health Fund in Poland.

The contract on the basis of which the foreigner will complete the internship should be concluded in writing with the internship organizer and should specify:

a) a description of the internship program, including information about its educational purpose or educational components, theoretical and practical training, the position where the internship will take place, the language in which the internship will take place, the level of language proficiency necessary for the internship, scope and type tasks performed, knowledge, practical skills and professional experience to be acquired,

b) duration of the internship,

c) the conditions of undergoing and supervising the internship, including the location of the internship and appointing an intern of the intern,

d) internship hours,

e) the rights and obligations of the parties regarding:

  • covering the costs of internship,
  • necessary medical examinations,
  • accident insurance,
  • days off
  • terms of contract termination,

f) method of confirming acquired knowledge, practical skills and professional experience.

It is a time during which you were outside of the territory of Poland. The length of an interrupted stay constitutes the basis for granting a long-term EU resident permit or a residence permit due to a marriage to a Polish citizen. Interrupted stay can be no longer than 6 months, and all interruptions cannot exceed 10 months in a period of 5 years unless the break was caused by: 

  • performance of work outside Poland, under an agreement with the employer whose office is located in Poland; 
  • an exceptional personal situation requiring the presence of a foreigner outside the territory of Poland; 
  • leaving Polish territory to pursue practices or participate in studies provided for in the course of study at Polish universities.

An interview/an oral hearing is aimed at clarifying the facts gathered during the processing of your application. The interview meeting/hearing is conducted in the Polish language. If you do not speak Polish, you should have an interpreter accompanying you.

This term covers the performance of work as a manager, specialist or an employee under training in the host entity, located in Poland, to which you have been temporarily delegated by the parent employer, located outside the territory of the EU Member States.