It is a national register of associations and companies existed as limited liability company, limited partnership, joint-stock partnership, unlimited partnership. In the registry, you can check the following: current company status, company headquarters, chairman of the board, proxy, business profile etc. The information from the registry you will find on the web site: https://ekrs.ms.gov.pl/web/wyszukiwarka-krs/strona-glowna/.

It is a type of residential document which, along with a valid passport, entitles you to stay within the territory of the issuing country. For instance, if you hold a visa issued by a Polish Consul, it entitles you to stay in Poland for the period of its validity. The validity of such a visa depends on the purpose of travel. This visa is marked with a “D” symbol.

It is an agreement concluded in writing and made before a public notary, in which one person/persons agree to regularly provide a certain amount of money in favour of another person.